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Green Team

we are planet protectors!


Climate change is a children’s issue…

In 2015 California PTA adopted a resolution “Climate Change is a Children’s Issue” to encourage and advocate for programs and strategies to makes schools more climate-safe, energy efficient, and sustainable for starters. Read full resolution here.

In 2017, with the support of the PTA, a dedicated group of parents and teachers decided to create an official program called Strandwood Green Team and commit to helping Strandwood Go Green and to teach our children about these vital practices for a healthy and sustainable future.

We asked ourselves...

Can we achieve ZERO lunchroom food waste?

Can we reduce our overall waste by more than 30%?

Can we teach ALL of our students to think responsibly about the 3 R’s?

Can we eliminate the usage of plastic baggies for lunches and snacks and replace with reusable items? Can we eliminate the use of single-use plastics like straws and water bottles?

These are some of the goals for Strandwood’s newest resource group, the Strandwood Green Team!

Our Mission?
Sponsored by the PTA, the Strandwood Green Team is committed to making positive environmental changes in our school, which we hope will filter out to our community and our daily lives. The team will continuously review operations and explore new ways to improve Strandwood’s daily routine and reduce waste and utility consumption. Together we will forge a path to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve our precious resources for years to come.