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Read and Dream

What Counts: All outside of school reading - books, magazines, comics, homework, everything!

What Type Of Reading: All reading – silent reading, reading aloud to someone, or someone reading aloud to the student.

Record: All out of school reading minutes.

Program Duration: The first day of school through May of each school year (9 months).

Due Dates: Completed reading logs are generally due on the last Friday of the month. Awards are handed out on the following Friday. Click here to see the Due Dates and Awards Schedule. You can also find reminders in the Roadrunner.

Awards: The first time a student reaches their grade level goal, they receive a membership card, ribbon, book, and their picture is displayed in the multi-use room. Subsequent times the grade level goal is met, the student earns a book (new and used books will be available each month). One book per month per student maximum.

Classrooms that reach 100% participation will receive a reward for their classroom!

Help us reach our goal of 100% student participation!


Reading Logs