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Do You Know Mrs. Burns?


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Do You Know Mrs. Burns?

Renee Penegor


By Renée Penegor

We are SO fortunate to have Laurel Burns as our school librarian. At the PTA meeting last week, she spoke about her love of Strandwood, what goes on in our library, and her vision for it's future. She has been teaching for 20 years and if you've ever met her or spent time with her, you'll know she is passionate about her job, the importance of libraries and the positive impact librarians can have on students in the 21st century. I know my 3rd grader is a huge fan of Mrs. Burns. You may have seen Mrs. Burns' informative article in the Community Focus during National Library Week in April. Here's the link in case you missed it:

Our library doesn't have a budget from the federal government, the district, or the school. As parents, we can support the work of Mrs. Burns by volunteering in the library, partaking in the Scholastic Book Fair (held in Fall and Spring each year, run by parent volunteers), and by joining the Library Birthday Club (this year 200 members = 200 new books for the library!!). As a PTA, my hope for the coming year, is that we can support her bigger vision for our library: such as replacing static bookshelves with moveable ones, replacing the old and poorly working mounted t.v. with a flat-screen smart t.v., and provide adjustable/flexible seating for a variety of set-ups in the room. These are some of the things PTA members will need to discuss and I encourage you to join us in the conversation for 2017/18.

Mrs. Burns is on our campus three days a week and if you happen to see her, please take a moment to tell her how much she is appreciated. You can follow Mrs. Burns and the learning going on in the library on twitter: @Librarian1427